(a)  PSAPs shall use computer-aided dispatching (CAD) systems.  The CAD system shall contain all hardware and software components necessary for interface with the 911 system.

(1)           The CAD system shall include data entry; resource recommendations, notification, and tracking; store records relating to all 911 calls and all other calls for service and status changes; and track those resources before, during, and after emergency calls, preserving records of those 911 calls and status changes for later analysis by the PSAP.

(2)           The CAD system shall include a data backup system, utilizing either removable media or independent disk storage arrays dedicated to the backup task and additional equipment as needed, as determined by the PSAP.

(3)           The failure of any single component shall not disable the entire system.

(A)          The CAD system shall provide automatic switchover in case of failure of the required system component(s).

(B)          Manual intervention by telecommunicators or others shall not be required.

(C)          Notwithstanding automatic switchover, the CAD system shall provide the capability to manually initiate switchover.

(D)          CAD systems that utilize server and workstation configuration shall accomplish automatic switchover by having a duplicate server available with access to all the data necessary and required to restart at the point where the primary server stopped.

(E)           CAD systems that utilize distributed processing, with workstations in the operations room also providing the call processing functions, shall be considered to meet the requirements of automatic switchover, as long as all such workstations are continuously sharing data and all data necessary to pick up at the point where the failed workstation stopped are available to all other designated dispatch workstations.

(4)           The system shall continuously monitor the CAD interfaces for equipment failures, device exceptions, and time-outs.  Upon detection of faults or failures, the system shall send an appropriate message consisting of visual and audible indications to personnel designated by the PSAP.  A log of system messages and transactions shall be generated and maintained as determined by the PSAP.

(b)  PSAPS shall maintain a secondary CAD for use in the event of a failure of the CAD system.

(c)  Operation of the CAD system software shall be limited to authorized personnel by log-on/password control, workstation limitations, or other means as required by the PSAP.

(d)  The PSAP shall provide network isolation necessary to preserve bandwidth for the efficient operation of the CAD system and processing of 911 calls.

(e)  The CAD system shall have the capability to allow 911 call data exchange between the CAD system and other CAD systems, and between the CAD system and other systems.

(f)  CAD configurations shall include:

(1)           Recommending units for assignment to calls.

(A)          Ensuring that the optimum response units are selected.

(B)          Allowing the telecommunicator to override the CAD recommendation for unit assignment.

(C)          The CAD system shall have the ability to prioritize all system processes so that emergency operations take precedence.

(2)           Detecting and reporting errors, faults or failures.

(3)           The CAD system shall include automatic power-fail recovery capability.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 62A-42;

Eff. July 1, 2016.