09 NCAC 06C .0215          RECORDS

(a)  PSAPs shall maintain records to ensure operational capability of all system functions for at least five years.

(b)  After completion of acceptance tests, the PSAP shall retain:

(1)           A set of reproducible, as-built installation drawings;

(2)           Operation and maintenance manuals;

(3)           Written sequence of operation; and

(4)           Results of all operational tests and values at the time of installation.

(c)  PSAPS shall have access to site-specific software for software-based systems..

(d)  Operational Records.

(1)           Call and dispatch performance statistics shall be compiled and maintained by the PSAP.

(2)           Statistical analysis for call and dispatch performance measurement shall be done monthly and compiled over a one year period.  A management information system (MIS) program shall track incoming 911 calls and dispatched 911 calls and provide real-time information and strategic management reports.

(3)           Records of the following, including the corresponding dates and times, shall be kept:

(A)          Test, 911 call, and dispatch signals;

(B)          Circuit interruptions and observations or reports of equipment failures; and

(C)          Abnormal or defective circuit conditions indicated by test or inspection.

(e)  Maintenance Records.

(1)           Records of maintenance, both routine and emergency, shall be kept for all 911 call receiving equipment and 911 call dispatching equipment.

(2)           All maintenance records shall include the date, time, nature of maintenance, and repairer's name and affiliation.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 62A-42;

Eff. July 1, 2016.