(a)  Sworn invoices shall be attested to by a person having authority to represent the CMRS service provider.  Only costs that are commercially reasonable are eligible for cost recovery.  The CMRS service provider may present costs as the actual incurred costs of the CMRS service provider, an estimate of the incurred costs, or the approved rate per subscriber multiplied by the actual subscriber count.  If estimated costs are used, the CMRS service provider shall annually true up its costs to ensure that over-recovery does not occur.  CMRS service providers shall maintain records consistent with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles as applied by the provider to demonstrate that costs were actually incurred as submitted for reimbursement.  Internal costs (engineering time, facilities, proportionate share of software, etc.) shall be supported by documentation.  All costs are subject to review by the Board.

(b)  As used in this Rule, "commercially reasonable" shall mean the cost that takes into account the facts and circumstances at the time the cost is incurred. The Board shall determine whether costs are commercially reasonable pursuant to Chapter 25 of the General Statutes.


History note:        Authority G.S. 62A-45;

Eff. July 1, 2016.