(a)  Tasks to be performed and required competencies for In‑Home Aides performing Level I ‑ Home Management are as follows:


Tasks                                                                                      Required Competencies


Home Management


· Pay bills as directed by client                                         Communication Skills

· Provide transportation for                                              · Methods of communication

medical appointments and shopping                                              · Maintaining control

· Clean and care for clothing:                                           · Observing, documenting and

ironing, simple mending,                                                    reporting

laundering                                                                             · Confidentiality

· Do basic housekeeping tasks:

sweeping, vacuuming, dusting,                                         Mental Health and Illness

mopping, dishes                                                                   · Characteristics of good

· Make minor repairs to house and                                 mental health

furnishings                                                                            · Personality differences

· Make un‑occupied bed

· Recognize and report changes in                                   Family Dynamics

health and environment                                                     · Cultural and Ethnic Life‑

· Identify medications for client                                      styles

· Provide companionship and                                          · Role of families in

emotional support                                                               meeting individual needs

· Prepare simple meals

· Shop for food from verbal or                                         Home Management Skills

written instruction                                                                · Maintaining a clean and

· Observe and report symptoms of                                  safe environment

abuse, neglect, and illness to                                             · Basic housekeeping

proper professional                                                             · Shopping

· Clothing care and repair

· Paying bills


Food and Nutrition

· Role of nutrition in

promoting good health

· Balanced meal preparation

and food handling and storage


Disabled Adults

· Life long aging process

· Disabled persons as


· Specific needs of older persons


Understanding Basic Human Needs

· Physical and psychological needs

· Needs hierarchy

· Client and Patient Rights



· Retrieve and identify

medications for client

· Do's and don'ts of medication


Responding to Emergencies

· Fire

· Personal injury and sickness

· Observe and report systems

of abuse, neglect, exploitation,

illness, or unsafe environment

to proper professionals

· Other dangers


Personal Hygiene (worker)

· Expectations regarding

cleanliness, odors, smoking


Safety Measures

· Household safety tips

· Body mechanics for aides

· Transporting of client


Inappropriate Tasks

· Personal care

· Deviation from care plan

· Other inappropriate tasks


(b)  Tasks to be performed and required competencies for In‑Home Aides providing Level II ‑ Home Management and Personal Care are as follows:


Tasks                                                                                      Required Competencies


Home Management

Communication Skills

· Assist in following budget                                                · Roles of the service

prepared by case manager                                                delivery team

· Assist to find and use                                                       · Plan of care

community resources                                                         · Report writing

· Perform reading and writing

tasks                                                                                       Mental Health and Illness

· Demonstrate and model simple                                     · Effects of stress

altering and mending techniques                                      · Defense mechanisms

· Demonstrate and model                                                 · Dementia


· Assist in organizing household                                       Family Dynamics

routines                                                                                  · Family life cycle

· Assist in making or purchasing                                       · Issues at each stage of life

clothing or other household items                                    · Effects of disruption

· Plan menus using food guide

· Assist with developing a market                                    Home Management Skills

order and shopping                                                             · Housekeeping techniques

· Demonstrate and model food                                        and routines

handling, preparation and storage                                   · Demonstrating and modeling

homemaking tasks

Personal Care                                                                     · Working within a budget

· Clothing and household

· Assist ambulatory client with                                         supply purchasing

mobility and toileting                                                          · Knowledge and use of

· Provide care for normal,                                                 community resources

unbroken skin

· Assist with personal hygiene,                                          Food and Nutrition

  (mouth care, hair and scalp                                             · Planning menus from a food

grooming, fingernails and                                                  guide

bathing; shower, tub, bed, basin)                                      · Developing a market order

 Cut and trim hair                                                                                · Principles of food

· Shave client (electric and                                                preparation

safety razor)                                                                         · Following a prescribed

· Provide basic first aid                                                      diet

· Apply ace bandages, TED's,

binders (demonstrated competency                                Ill and Disabled Adults

verified by R.N.)                                                                  · Diseases of the elderly

· Make occupied bed                                                         · Coping with chronic

· Assist limited function patient                                        illness

with dressing

· Observe, record and report                                             Special Care Skills

self‑administered medications                                          · Assist with feeding

· Apply and remove prosthetic                                         clients with special

devices for stable clients                                                    conditions (excluding

(demonstrated competency verified                                                swallowing difficulties) 

by R.N.)                                                                                 · Application of ace

· Assist with feeding clients with                                       bandage, TED's, binders

special conditions (no swallowing                                    · Assist and encourage

difficulties)                                                                            physical activity and

· Assist and encourage physical                                       prescribed exercise

activity and prescribed exercise                                        · Assist ambulatory client

· Assist client with self‑                                                       with mobility and toileting

monitoring of temperature, pulse,                                    · Assist limited function

blood pressure and weight                                                 client with dressing

  (demonstrated competency verified                              · Making occupied bed

by R.N.)                                                                                 · Assist with application

and removal of prosthetic



Personal Hygiene (client)

· Assist with bathing (bed,

tub, shower, basin)

· Assist with mouth care

· Assist with hair and

scalp grooming (cut and trim


· Assist with fingernail

care (clean and file)

· Shaving clients (electric

and safety razor)

· Normal skin care


· Reminding and reinforcing

self‑administered medications

· Observe, report, record

self‑administered medications


Abuse and Neglect

· Recognizing and reporting

criteria (age specific)


Infection Control

· Preventing the spread of


· Hand washing techniques


Basic First Aid

· Principles of cardio‑

pulmonary Resuscitation

· Taking temperature, pulse,

height and weight

· Taking blood pressure


Inappropriate Tasks


(c)  Tasks to be performed and required competencies for In‑Home Aides providing Level III ‑ Home Management and Level III ‑ Personal Care are as follows:


Tasks                                                                                      Required Competencies


Home Management

Communication Skills

· Demonstrate securing and caring                                  · Promoting client

for household furnishing                                                    independence

· Teach basic sewing and use of                                       · Strategies for guiding,

sewing machine                                                                   supporting, and encouraging

· Demonstrate how to plan for a                                      · Medical terminology

move, locate housing, and organize                                · Documentation

moving activities

· Teach and reinforce house‑                                            Mental Health and Illness

keeping methods, home safety,                                        · Substance abuse

energy conservation, and                                                   · Mental retardation

sanitation skills                                                                    · Types of mental disorders

· Teach and reinforce personal

hygiene and self care, reinforce                                        Principles of Adult Education

sound health care practices, and                                      · How Adults Learn

personal safety techniques                                                                · "Let's Do" teaching

· Take and accompany to medical

appointments; reinforce special                                       Food and Nutrition

diet routines; monitor treatment                                       · Comparison Shopping

plans                                                                                      · Principles of therapeutic

· Teach and reinforce household                                     (specialized) diets

budgeting and planning skills;                                           · Purchasing, planning and

teach proper use of credit                                                  preparing therapeutic

· Demonstrate and reinforce                                             (specialized) diets

comparison shopping and good                                       · Observing dietary

consumer practices with food,                                          treatment plans

clothing and furnishings

· Teach and reinforce management                                                Infection Control

of time and resources, including                                       · Isolation techniques

work simplification techniques                                         · Universal precautions

· Teach and reinforce appropriate                                   · Application in the home

food handling and cooking skills

· Monitor and reinforce family                                        Death and Dying

progress on protective service

plan goals                                                                              Personal Care Track


Personal Care                                                                     Personal Hygiene

· Bed bath

(Tasks subject to nurse                                                       · Shampoo in bed

supervision requirements of the                                        · Shave client with skin

Nursing Practice Act.)                                                          disorders

· Assist with feeding clients                                                · Trim toenails (no diabetes or

with special conditions                                                       peripheral vascular disease)

· Give bed bath                                                                    · Perineal and catheter care

· Make occupied bed

· Assist with mobility, gait                                                  Treatment Techniques

training using assistive devices                                          · Assist with feeding

· Assist with range of                                                          clients with special

motion exercises                                                                  conditions

· Assist limited function patient                                        · Force and restrict fluids

with dressing                                                                         · Care of non‑infected skin

· Take and record temperature,                                        ulcers

pulse, blood pressure, height and                                      · Clean dressing changes

weight, respirations                                                              (non‑sterile)

· Observe, record and report                                             · Vaginal douches

self‑administered medications                                          · Apply prescribed heat and

· Apply and remove prosthetic                                         cold

devices for stable client                                                      · Assist client in

· Apply ace bandages, TED's,                                           understanding medical orders

binders                                                                                   and routines, encourage

· Assist with scalp care                                                       compliance

· Trim toenails for clients                                                   · Intake and output

without diabetes or peripheral                                           · Take respirations

vascular disease

· Empty and record drainage of                                       Elimination and Treatment

catheter bag                                                                          · Empty and record drainage of

· Shave clients with skin                                                    catheter bag

disorders                                                                                · Bowel and bladder retraining

· Administer enemas                                                           · Collect and test urine or

· Insert rectal tubes and flatus                                          fecal specimens

bags                                                                                        · Insert rectal tube and

· Bowel and bladder retraining                                         flatus bag

· Collect and test urine or fecal                                        · Apply condom catheters

specimens                                                                             · Administer enemas

· Perineal care                                                                      · Use of bedpans and urinals

· Apply condom catheters

· Chair and stretcher transfer                                            Other Training Techniques

· Turn and position                                                             · Apply and remove EKG

· Safety measures (side rails,                                            monitor leads

mitts, restraints)                                                                   · Post mortem care

· Change non‑sterile dressings                                          · Gastric suction

· Force and restrict fluids                                                   (maintenance)

· Apply prescribed heat and cold                                     · Turn, cough and deep breath

· Care for non‑infected decubitus                                    · Restorative services


· Assist clients in understanding                                        Body Mechanics

medical orders and routines,                                             · Transfer techniques

encourage compliance                                                       · Use of lifts

· Assist with purchase and                                                 · Assistive devices

preparation of diet food specified                                    · Assist with prescribed

by professional                                                                    physical and occupational

· Vaginal douches after                                                      therapy


· Assist with prescribed physical                                       Safety Measures

and occupational therapy                                                 · Side rails, mitts

· Plan menus for special diets                                           restriants

· Monitor dietary treatment plan,

provide feedback to professional                                     Basic First Aid

· Cardiopulmonary

Tasks With Special Training                                              Resuscitation

(Requires Nurse Aide II

registration with the NC Board                                         Home Management Track

of Nursing)

· Administer gastrostomy tube                                         Home Management Skills

feedings                                                                                 · Teaching housekeeping skills

· Perform in and out bladder                                            · Planning and organizing

catheterizations                                                                   moving activities

· Change sterile dressings                                                   · Energy conservation

· Basic mending and sewing

and use of sewing machine

· Home safety skills


Financial Management

· Setting family goals

· Developing a family budget

· Making good budgeting and

spending choices

· Use of credit

· Consumer protection practices


Resource Management

· Securing and caring for

household furnishings

· Teaching management of

time and resources

· Locating housing

· Work simplification



Self Care

· Personal hygiene and

health care practices

· Personal safety techniques

· Following treatment plans


Family Dynamics

· Understanding dysfunction

in families

· Impact of substance abuse

· Reinforce new skills and patterns

in poorly functioning families


(d)  Tasks to be performed and required competencies for In‑Home Aides providing Level IV ‑ Home Management are as follows:


Tasks                                                                                      Required Competencies


Home Management

Family Dynamics

· Provide supervision and role                                          · Characteristics and

modeling of appropriate care and                                    interventions for multi

supervision when family is                                                problem families

available but unable to perform                                       · Impact of loss, separation

caretaker duties due to physical                                       · Family violence

or emotional illness (under close                                       · Confrontation skills

case supervision by social worker)                                   · Principles of adult

! Implement strategies developed                                    learning

on social work plan including

arranging transportation, housing                                    Home Management Skills

and other auxiliary services                                               · Planning moves

  (under close case supervision by                                    · Understanding eviction

social worker)                                                                       procedures

· Demonstrate management of food                                              · Elimination of household

resources and menu planning (under                               safety hazards relevant to

close case supervision by social                                        client functioning


· Provide case tracking and follow                                  Protective Services

up to social work staff by                                                  · Legal base and liability

observing families in home                                                · Factors of increased risk

environment                                                                         for abuse or neglect

· Assist professionals in                                                      · Indicators of mental and

establishing and maintaining                                            emotional functioning

various client groups

· Provide tracking of household

budgets with clients

· Identify indicators of risks to

families and appropriately report

to social worker


History Note:        Authority G.S. 143B‑181.1(c); 143B‑181.9A;

Eff. December 1, 1991;

Pursuant to G.S. 150B-21.3A, rule is necessary without substantive public interest Eff. September 6, 2016.