10A NCAC 09 .1728         OVERNIGHT CARE

(a)  A safe and comfortable bed, crib, or cot, equipped with a firm waterproof mattress at least four inches thick and a fitted sheet shall be provided for each child who remains in the home after midnight. The top of bunk beds shall be used by school-age children only.

(b)  A supply of clean linen must be on hand so that linens can be changed whenever they become soiled or wet. Linens shall be changed weekly or whenever they become soiled or wet.

(c)  An operator licensed to care for children overnight may sleep during the nighttime hours

when all the children are asleep, provided:

(1)           the operator and the children in care, excluding the operator's own children, are on ground level;

(2)           the operator can hear and respond to the children; and

(3)           a battery operated smoke detector or an electrically operated (with a battery backup) smoke detector is located in each room where children are sleeping.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 110-85; 110-88; 110-91(6);

Eff. October 1, 2017.