(a)  Child care facilities that provide care to school-age children shall provide a balance of teacher directed and free choice activities appropriate to the age, needs, and interests of the children.

(b)  Opportunities must be provided for children to participate in the planning and the implementation of activities.

(c)  Facilities that operate a school-age component for three or fewer hours per day shall make three of the following activities available daily; those that operate a school-age component for more than three hours per day shall make four of the following activities available daily:

(1)           career development activities;

(2)           community awareness activities;

(3)           creative arts activities;

(4)           cultural activities;

(5)           games or manipulatives;

(6)           hands-on academic enrichment activities including language, math, science, social studies, or foreign language activities;

(7)           health education or wellness activities;

(8)           homework with assistance available as needed from center personnel;

(9)           reading activities;

(10)         sand or water play;

(11)         social skills, life skills or problem-solving activities;

(12)         structured or unstructured physical activities; or

(13)         technology skill-building activities.

(d)  All equipment and materials used by school-age children shall be appropriate for the age and size of the children using the items.

(e)  When screen time is provided on any electronic device with a visual display, it shall be:

(1)           offered as a free choice activity;

(2)           used to meet a developmental goal;

(3)           limited to a maximum of 30 minutes per day and no more than two and a half hours per week, per child;

(4)           documented on a cumulative log or activity plan, available for review by a representative of the Division; and

(5)           usage time periods may be extended for school assigned homework.

(f)  Cots, beds, or mats with linens shall not be required for school‑age children. However, provision shall be made for children who wish to rest or who are sick to rest in a comfortable place.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 110-85; 110-91(6),(12); 143B-168.3;

Eff. July 1, 1988;

Amended Eff. July 1, 2010; October 1, 1991; September 1, 1990;

Readopted Eff. October 1, 2017.