10A NCAC 10 .0102          DEFINITIONS

In addition to the terms defined in G.S. 110-86, the following definitions apply to the term used in this Chapter.

(1)           "Director" means the Director of the Division of Child Development and Early Education.

(2)           "Division" means the Division of Child Development and Early Education, Department of Health and Human Services, located at 820 South Boylan Avenue, Raleigh, North Carolina 27603.

(3)           "Foster Parent" means anyone other than that child's parent(s) or legal custodian(s) who is providing full time care for a child who is in the custody of a North Carolina county department of social services.

(4)           "Homeless Children" means the definition in section 725(2) of the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act, 42 U.S.C. 11434a(2), which is hereby incorporated by reference and includes subsequent amendments and editions.

(5)           "Local Purchasing Agency" means the local agency responsible for administering the state's subsidized child care program.

(6)           "Owner" means any person with a five percent or greater equity interest in a child care center, or family child care home as defined in G.S. 110-86(3)b.

(7)           "Private Agency" means a private, for profit or non-profit, non-governmental entity.

(8)           "Provider" means the owner of a child care center, or family child care home.

(9)           "Recipient" means the parent or responsible adult approved for subsidized child care services pursuant to Section .1000 of this Chapter.

(10)         "Subsidized Child Care Assistance Program" means the administrative, programmatic, and fiscal activities related to the use of public funds to pay for child care services for families.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 143B-153(2a);

Eff. February 1, 1986;

Amended Eff. June 1, 2016; December 1, 2011; April 1, 2001; February 1, 1996.