(a)  The minimum requirements for emergency care required under Section .4100 of this Subchapter shall determine the type facilities to be provided.

(b)  When a facility provides emergency services under one of the classifications listed in Section .4100 of this Subchapter, the following shall be provided:

(1)           Level I, II, III:

(A)          a drive at grade level with provision for ambulance and pedestrian service and a well marked covered entrance with a minimum clear passage height of 12 feet 8 inches and a clear width of 16 feet;

(B)          public waiting space with toilet facilities, telephone, drinking fountain, stretcher, and wheelchair storage;

(C)          nurses' work and charting space shall be provided.  This may be combined with reception and control area for Level III;

(D)          storage for clean supplies and equipment.  Facilities shall be available for the administration of blood, blood plasma, and intravenous medication as well as for the control of bleeding, emergency splinting of fractures, and the administration of oxygen, anesthesia, and suction;

(E)           soiled holding area with flushing device;

(F)           janitor's closet with service sink;

(G)          patient toilets; and

(H)          staff toilets.

(2)           Level I, II:

(A)          a reception and control area that is staffed around the clock;

(B)          visual control of the entrance, waiting room, and treatment area shall be maintained;

(C)          communication with other facility departments;

(D)          at least one treatment room shall be available around the clock for the examination and initial treatment of emergency patients.  This room shall be independent of the operating room;

(E)           treatment rooms or areas shall contain cabinets, medication storage, work counters, X-ray film illuminators, and space for storage of emergency equipment;

(F)           the size of the rooms or areas shall allow for a minimum of 3 feet clear on three sides of each stretcher; and

(G)          hand washing facilities shall be provided.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 131E-79;

Eff. January 1, 1996.