SECTION .0400 Staff QUALIFICATIONS and Staffing


10A NCAC 13E .0401 Administrator

(a) An administrator shall be responsible for the operations of the program offering overnight respite care services.

(b) At all times there shall be one administrator or supervisor-in-charge who is responsible for assuring that all required duties are carried out and for assuring that a staff member is present on-site and available to the program participants.

(c) The administrator shall:

(1) be at least 21 years old;

(2) be a high school graduate or certified under the General Educational Development (GED) Program;

(3) cooperate with inspectors and DHSR employees in assuring compliance with G.S. 131D-6.1 and the rules of this Subchapter;

(4) have a tuberculin skin test within 12 months prior to hire date and annually thereafter;

(5) have no substantiated findings listed on the North Carolina Health Care Personnel Registry pursuant to G.S. 131E-256;

(6) have documented evidence of managing or supervising personal care to others for at least six months from a current or previous employer; and

(7) be able to implement all accident, fire safety, and emergency procedures for the protection of the participants of the overnight respite services program.


History Note: Authority G.S. 131D-6.1;

Eff. April 1, 2017.