(a) Each program shall have enrollment policies. Enrollment policies shall be in writing as a part of the program policies and shall define the population served. These policies shall serve as the basis for determining who will be accepted into the program and for planning activities appropriate for the participants. The policies shall prevent enrolling people whose needs cannot be met by the planned activities and services offered and shall provide for discharge of participants whose needs can no longer be met or who can no longer be cared for safely. If the program serves semi‑ambulatory or non‑ambulatory persons as defined by 10A NCAC 06R .0201, it shall be stated in the enrollment criteria.

(b) The program policies shall also contain:

(1) a discharge policy outlining:

(A) the criteria for discharge;

(B) notification procedures for discharge;

(C) the timeframe and procedures for notifying the applicant, family member, or other caregiver of discharge; and

(D) referral or follow-up procedures;

(2) medication policies and procedures as specified in Section .0700 of this Subchapter;

(3) a description of participant's rights;

(4) grievance policies and procedures for families;

(5) the advance directives policy;

(6) non-discrimination policies;

(7) a procedure to maintain confidentiality;

(8) a policy on reporting suspected abuse or neglect;

(9) a policy on reporting of participant accidents or incidents to family members or medical providers;

(10) a policy on infection control and universal precautions;

(11) a policy on missing participants;

(12) a policy on identification and supervision of participants who wander; and

(13) inclement weather policies.

(c) At enrollment or in the initial interview, the program policies shall be discussed with the applicant, responsible party or other caregiver and a copy of the program policies shall be provided.

(d) Documentation of, receipt of, and agreement to abide by the program policies by the applicant, responsible party, or other caregiver shall be obtained by the program and kept in the participant's file.

(e) All program polices shall be maintained on site and available for inspection by Division of Health Service Regulation employees.

(f) The program shall implement all program policies.


History Note: Authority G.S. 131D-6.1;

Eff. April 1, 2017.