10A NCAC 13E .0702       Medication Administration Competency Evaluation

(a)  Validation of each staff person's competency to administer medications shall be completed prior to administering medications and shall include:

(1)           documentation by a registered nurse pursuant to G.S. 90 Article 9A or a licensed pharmacist pursuant to G.S. 90 Article 4A of a clinical skills validation on the Medication Administration Skills Validation Form. Copies of this form may be accessed electronically free of charge at https://www.ncdhhs.gov/dhsr/acls/acforms.html#medtest;

(2)           successful completion of a standardized written exam established by the Division of Health Service Regulation; or

(3)           being listed as a medication aide on the NC Medication Aide Registry pursuant to G.S. 131E-270 and 10A NCAC 13O .0201.

(b)  The program shall ensure that a licensed health professional who is authorized to dispense, prescribe, or administer medications is available for consultation with staff. All such consultations shall be documented in the participant's record.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 131D-6.1;

Eff. April 1, 2017.