10A NCAC 13f .1603       Statutory and rule requirements affecting rATED CERTIFICATES

The following Statutes and Rules comprise the standards that contribute to rated certificates: 

(1)           G.S. 131D-21 Resident's Rights;

(2)           10A NCAC 13F .0300 Physical Plant Requirements;

(3)           10A NCAC 13F .0700 Admission and Discharge Requirements;

(4)           10A NCAC 13F .0800 Resident Assessment and Care Plan;

(5)           10A NCAC 13F .0900 Resident Care and Services;

(6)           10A NCAC 13F .1000 Medication Management;

(7)           10A NCAC 13F .1300 Special Care Units for Alzheimer's and Related Disorders;

(8)           10A NCAC 13F .1400 Special Care Units for Mental Health Disorders; and

(9)           10A NCAC 13F .1500 Use of Physical Restraints and Alternatives.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 131D-4.5; 131D-10;

Eff. July 3, 2008.