(a)  The floor area of a single bedroom shall not be less than 100 square feet and the floor area of a room for more than one bed shall not be less than 80 square feet per bed.  The 80 square feet and 100 square feet requirements shall be exclusive of closets, toilet rooms, vestibules or wardrobes.

(b)  The total space set aside for dining, recreation and other common uses shall not be less than 30 square feet per bed.  Physical therapy and occupational therapy space shall not be included in this total.

(c)  A toilet room shall be directly accessible from each patient room and from each central bathing area without going through the general corridor.  One toilet room may serve two patient rooms but not more than eight beds.  The lavatory may be omitted from the toilet room if one is provided for each 15 beds not individually served.  There shall be a wheelchair and stretcher accessible central bathing area for staff to bathe a patient who cannot perform this activity independently.  There shall be at least one such area per each level in a multi‑level facility.

(d)  For each nursing unit or fraction thereof on each floor, the following shall be provided:

(1)           an adequate medication preparation area with counter, sink with four‑inch handles, medication refrigerator, eye‑level medication storage, cabinet storage, and double‑locked narcotic storage room, located adjacent to the nursing station or under visual control of the nursing station;

(2)           a clean utility room with counter, sink with four‑inch handles, wall and under counter storage;

(3)           a soiled utility room with counter, sink with four‑inch handles, wall and under counter storage, a flush‑rim clinical sink or water closet with a suitable device for cleaning bedpans and a suitable means for washing and sanitizing bedpans and other utensils;

(4)           a nurses' toilet and locker space for personal belongings;

(5)           an audiovisual nurse‑patient call system arranged to ensure that a patient's call in the facility is noted at a staffed station;

(6)           a soiled linen storage area;

(7)           a clean linen storage room area; and

(8)           at least one janitor's closet.

(e)  Dietary and laundry each must have a janitor's closet.

(f)  Stretcher and wheelchair storage shall be provided.

(g)  Bulk storage shall be provided at the rate of five square feet of floor area per bed.

(h)  Office space shall be provided for persons with administrative responsibilities for the unit.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 131E‑202;

Eff. June 1, 1991;

Amended Eff. February 1, 1996.