(a)  A new facility shall meet the requirements of the current North Carolina State Building Code and the following additional requirements:

(1)           Where nursing units are located on the same floor with other departments or services, the facility shall be designed to provide separation from the other departments or services with a smoke barrier.

(2)           Horizontal exits are not permitted in any new facility.

(3)           An addition to an existing facility shall meet the same requirements as a new facility except that in no case shall more than one horizontal exit be used to replace a required exit to the outside.  For all construction, an emergency generating set, including the prime mover and generator, shall be located on the premises and shall be reserved exclusively for supplying the emergency electrical system.

(b)  The hospice shall establish written policies and procedures governing disaster preparedness and fire protection.

(c)  The hospice shall have an acceptable written plan periodically rehearsed with staff with procedures to be followed in the event of an internal or external disaster, and for the care of casualties of patients and personnel arising from such disasters.

(d)  The fire protection plan shall include:

(1)           instruction for all personnel in use of alarms, fire fighting equipment, methods of fire containment, evacuation routes and procedures for calling the fire department and the assignment of specific tasks to all personnel in response to an alarm; and

(2)           fire drills for each shift of personnel at least quarterly.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 131E‑202;

Eff. June 1, 1991.