10A NCAC 14J .1001       MEDICAL PLAN

(a)  A governing body shall develop and adopt a written medical plan in compliance with G.S. 153A-225. The medical plan shall be available for reference by jail personnel. The medical plan shall include a description of the health services available to inmates.

(b)  The written plan shall include policies and procedures that address the following areas:

(1)           screening of inmates upon admission as set forth in Rule .1002(a) of this Section;

(2)           handling routine medical care;

(3)           handling routine care for an inmate's needs related to:

(A)          mental health;

(B)          a developmental or intellectual disability; and

(C)          a substance use disorder;

(4)           the handling of inmates with chronic illnesses or communicable diseases or conditions;

(5)           administration, dispensing, and control of prescription and non‑prescription medications;

(6)           handling emergency medical needs, including dental care, substance use disorder, pregnancy, and mental health;

(7)           maintenance, preservation, and confidentiality of medical records; and

(8)           privacy during medical examinations and conferences with medical or mental health personnel.

(c)  Inmates shall be provided an opportunity each day to communicate their health complaints to medical personnel, mental health personnel, or an officer. Medical personnel or mental health personnel shall be available to evaluate the needs of inmates related to medical care, mental health care, a substance use disorder, and a developmental or intellectual disability. A jail shall maintain a written record of an inmate's health complaints and the action taken by the jail. The jail shall make these records available to the Construction Section during an inspection upon request.

(d)  Inmates shall not render medical care or routine care for mental health, substance use disorders, and developmental or intellectual disabilities to anyone in the jail.

(e)  The local or district health director shall review the medical plan to determine if it needs to be updated not less than once each year beginning on January 1. If so, he or she shall update the medical plan in writing in accordance with G.S. 153A-225. The date of the most recent review shall be stated in the plan. The medical plan shall be maintained at the jail and shall be made available to the Construction Section during an inspection upon request.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 153A‑221; 153A-225;

Eff. June 1, 1990;

Amended Eff. December 1, 1991;

Readopted Eff. September 4, 2020.