10A NCAC 14J .1503        DOORS

(a)  All doors that open into booking or control areas of jails shall be security doors as specified in Rules .1514 and .1515 of this Section, unless other exterior security is provided, including either a sally port, a controlled gate, or fencing.

(b)  Exit doors shall be security type doors and they shall be keyed to both sides.

(c)  The number of exits, the width and location of exit doors, and the swing of exit doors shall comply with North Carolina State Building Code.

(d)  Sally port doors shall be of the security type and shall be installed in accordance with approved plans and specifications.

(e)  Swinging plate doors of approved type as specified in Rule .1515(a) to (c) of this Section shall be provided with a speaking panel and an observation port when employed on safety vestibules and in other locations as may be approved in plans and specifications.

(f)  Swinging plate doors with a prison type lock or hollow metal doors of approved types with an observation port shall be used at entrances to inspection corridors.  Hollow metal doors shall have heavy‑duty lock with multiple tumblers.

(g)  An approved grill, a hollow metal security door, or a plate security door shall be used at all entrances to security areas (see Rule .1515 of this Section).

(h)  Grill doors to individual rooms shall be made of open hearth steel only if it is enclosed in a tool‑resisting perimeter.

(i)  Pipe chase access doors or plates shall be made of approved security‑type plate or hollow metal (Rule .1516 of this Section) according to approved plans and specifications.

(j)  Access doors in all inmate occupied areas shall be equipped with observation ports and food passes according to approved plans and specifications.

(k)  In all areas occupied by female inmates, observation ports shall be equipped with an operating hatch that may be closed from the outside and secured to provide privacy.

(l)  If electro‑mechanical capability is used in a security door installation within the confinement area, the control box shall provide a mechanical over‑ride in the event of power failure.

(m)  All door‑locking mechanisms shall be of the approved type (see Rule .1517 of this Section) and installed according to approved plans and specifications.

(n)  Elevator doors opening into jail areas shall be secure and located so as to be under observation and control of officers.

(o)  The controls for sally port doors shall be located within the booking control area to provide constant surveillance by supervisory personnel.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 153A‑220; 153A‑221;

Eff. June 1, 1990;

Pursuant to G.S. 150B-21.3A, rule is necessary without substantive public interest Eff. January 5, 2016.