(a)  Each person who is engaged in the business of installing or offering to install radiation machines and machine components or is engaged in the business of furnishing or offering to furnish any equipment services listed in Paragraph (d) of this Rule in this state, to any agency licensee or registrant, shall apply for registration of such services with the agency prior to furnishing or offering to furnish any of these services.

(b)  Application for registration shall be completed on appropriate form(s) provided by the agency and shall contain all information required by the agency as indicated on the form and accompanying instructions. This information shall include:

(1)           the name, address and telephone number of:

(A)          the individual or the company to be registered;

(B)          the owner(s) of the company;

(2)           the description of the services to be provided;

(3)           the name, training and experience of each person who provides services specified in Paragraph (d) of this Rule;

(4)           the date of the application and the signature of the person responsible for the company; and

(5)           any additional information the agency determines to be necessary for evaluation of the application for registration.

(c)  Each person applying for registration under Paragraph (a) of this Rule shall certify that he has read and understands the requirements of the rules in this Chapter.

(d)  For the purpose of this Section, equipment services include:

(1)           direct sale and transfer of radiation machines and machine components to end users;

(2)           installation or servicing of radiation machines and associated radiation machine components;

(3)           diagnostic radiographic facility and shielding design;

(4)           diagnostic fluoroscopic facility and shielding design;

(5)           diagnostic area radiation survey, e.g., shielding evaluation;

(6)           radiation instrument calibration;

(7)           therapeutic facility and shielding design, area radiation survey or calibration;

(8)           personnel dosimetry services; and

(9)           general health physics consulting, e.g., independent diagnostic radiation output measurements, dose analysis, design of safety programs and radiation safety training programs, non‑healing arts facility and shielding design and area radiation surveys.

(e)  Applicants for registration of services are subject to the applicable requirements of Rules .0213 and .0214 of this Section.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 104E‑7;

Eff. February 1, 1980;

Amended Eff. June 1, 1993; May 1, 1992; June 1, 1989;

Transferred and Recodified from 15A NCAC 11 .0205 Eff. February 1, 2015.