(a)  The general information shall include each of the following:

(1)           identity of the applicant including:

(A)          the full name, address, telephone number, and description of the business or occupation of the applicant;

(B)          if the applicant is a partnership, the name and address of each partner and the principal location where the partnership does business;

(C)          if the applicant is a corporation or an unincorporated association,

(i)            the state where it is incorporated or organized and the principal location where it does business, and

(ii)           the names and addresses of its directors and principal officers;

(D)          if the applicant is acting as an agent or representative of another person in filing the application, all information required under this Paragraph shall be supplied with respect to the other person; and

(E)           if the applicant proposes to contract the operation of the disposal facility to another person, the full name, address, and telephone number of the management contractor, the full name and address of each applicable principal, partner, or director of the contractor, the state where it is organized, and the principal location where it does business;

(2)           qualifications of the applicant:

(A)          the applicable organizational structure of the applicant, both off site and on site, including a description of lines of authority and assignments of responsibilities, whether in the form of administrative directives, contract provisions, or otherwise;

(B)          the technical qualifications, including training, experience, and professional licensure, registration or certification of the applicant and members of the applicant's staff to engage in the proposed activities, to include the minimum training, experience, and professional licensure, registration or certification requirements for personnel filling key positions described in Part (a)(2)(A) of this Rule;

(C)          a description of the applicant's personnel training program;

(D)          the plan to maintain an adequate complement of trained personnel on site to carry out waste receipt, handling, and disposal operations in a safe manner;

(E)           prior experience in the generation, processing, use, transportation or disposal of radioactive material or in the treatment, storage, transportation or disposal of hazardous waste including copies of all notices of violations; assessments of any administrative, civil, criminal or other penalties in connection therewith; and all information as to any finding or determination that the applicant engaged in any of the above mentioned activities without having in effect any license or permit required for such activity;

(F)           disclosure of any prior determination of civil or criminal liability with respect to any other federal or state law or regulation, including but not limited to any law or regulation governing the transfer of securities, which may reflect on the applicant's character, reputation or ability to comply with all requirements imposed on a licensee; and

(G)          upon request by the agency, a copy of any application which the applicant may previously have submitted for any license or permit required for any activity listed in Part (a)(2)(E) of this Rule; information as to the disposition of such application including a copy of the license or permit, information as to any restriction, suspension, revocation or cancellation of any such license or permit; and any other information which may be requested by the agency as to the applicant's experience and operating practices with respect to the activities listed in Part (a)(2)(E) of this Rule;

(3)           a description of:

(A)          the location of the proposed disposal site;

(B)          the general character of the proposed activities;

(C)          the types and quantities of waste to be received, possessed, and disposed of;

(D)          plans for use of land disposal facility for purposes other than disposal of wastes during operation, after closure or both;

(E)           the proposed facilities and equipment;

(F)           the proposed manifest and recording system;

(G)          the treatment of any waste to be shipped off site;

(H)          anticipated operating life of the facility; and

(I)            the prelicensing and operational public information program which addresses

(i)            state and local government;

(ii)           media and public;

(iii)          acceptability within the community where the facility is to be located; and

(iv)          the program being implemented to ensure concerns of the public are being met; and

(4)           proposed time schedules for construction, receipt of waste, and first emplacement of waste at the proposed land disposal facility.

(b)  The following are additional requirements applicable to the information required in Parts (a)(2)(E) through (G) of this Rule:

(1)           All information will be provided by the applicant with respect to the applicant itself, any predecessor or parent entity, any officer, director, partner or other principal of the applicant; any stockholder or other entity holding five percent or more of the stock of, or other interest in, the applicant; and any subsidiary or other entity in which the applicant has an interest.

(2)           All information will be provided for a period of not less than 20 years or as may be determined by the agency, with respect to a particular applicant or class of information, to be necessary to discharge agency responsibility in G.S. 104E‑10.1(a).

(3)           With the approval of the agency, the applicant may submit any of the information, except as to the disposal of low‑level radioactive waste, in summary form; provided that any summary must fairly and accurately reflect the applicant's experience and operating practices and must indicate the nature and extent of all violations of law and applicable rules.

(4)           The agency may request that the applicant provide any supplemental information needed to effect the purpose of Parts (a)(2)(E) through (G) of this Rule.  All such supplementary information provided by or on behalf of the applicant will become a part of the application.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 104E‑7; 104E‑10(b); 104E‑10.1; 104E‑25; 104E‑26;

Eff. December 1, 1987;

Amended Eff. June 1, 1993;

Transferred and Recodified from 15A NCAC 11 .1205 Eff. February 1, 2015.