(a)  The agency will issue a site access license only after the following determinations are made and upon agency certification to the North Carolina Low‑Level Radioactive Waste Management Authority that the generator is reducing waste volume to the extent technologically and economically feasible:

(1)           The applicant has submitted a license application which adequately demonstrates the applicant's ability to satisfy all requirements in the rules of this Section;

(2)           The applicant has a waste management program which incorporates best management practices, including prevention, minimization, reduction, segregation, and hold for decay storage, as provided in Rule .1512 of this Section;

(3)           The applicant is reducing waste volume and contained radioactivity to the extent  technologically and economically feasible, including off‑site processing, before waste is disposed at a disposal facility located in North Carolina, or has made a commitment to institute such methods in accordance with a timetable specifically approved by the agency;

(4)           The applicant has filed the bonds, insurance or other security with the agency as required in Rule .1511 of this Section; and

(5)           The applicant will ship waste to a disposal facility located in North Carolina only when such waste is generated in the Southeast Compact region, except as provided otherwise for waste generated by waste processors and authorized pursuant to Item (1) of Rule .1507 of this Section or as provided in Rule .1503(c) of this Section.

(b)  Except as provided in Rules .1514  and .1517 of this Section, a site access license shall be effective for a period of five years subject to payment of applicable fees imposed by the rules in Section .1100 of this Chapter.

(c)  Notwithstanding the provisions of Paragraph (b) of this Rule, any site access license is subject to modification, revocation or suspension in accordance with provisions of Rule .1516 of this Section.

(d)  The licensee shall apply for amendment of the site access license in accordance with Rule .1515 of this Section prior to making changes in the waste management program described in the license application that would diminish the effectiveness of the waste management program, including but not limited to, any change resulting in an increase of waste volume and radiation exposure.

(e)  If any information required by Paragraph (a) of Rule .1504 changes, the licensee shall notify the agency of such changes in writing no later than 60 days after the change and file an application for amendment, if so directed by the agency.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 104E‑10.3; 104E‑27;

Eff. January 1, 1995;

Transferred and Recodified from 15A NCAC 11 .1513 Eff. February 1, 2015.