10a NCAC 27g .6702       OPERATIONS

(a)  Forensic Screening And Evaluation.  Forensic screening and evaluation to assess capacity to proceed to trial shall be provided by evaluators trained and registered in accordance with the provisions of 10A NCAC 27H .0201 through .0207, TRAINING AND REGISTRATION OF FORENSIC EVALUATORS (DMH/DD/SAS publication APSR 100‑3).

(b)  Consultation To Law Enforcement Officials. Consultation to law enforcement officials, including consultation prior to the commitment of an offender or alleged offender to any state psychiatric hospital, shall be provided.

(c)  Justice Treatment Services:

(1)           Each area program shall develop and implement a written justice treatment services plan which shall provide for the coordination of area program court related activities with the criminal justice system.

(2)           An individual shall be designated who has responsibility for developing and implementing the justice treatment services plan.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 15A‑1002; 143B‑147;

Eff. May 1, 1996.