The following client information, if available, shall be sent with the evaluation which accompanies the individual to the hospital.  If not immediately available, it shall be sent, together with any information required by Rule .0205 of this Section but not provided in the evaluation, by the authorizing area program to the appropriate hospital admissions office within one working day of the client's admission to the hospital.  This information, which shall be used by hospital staff in developing the client's treatment plan, shall include but need not be limited to the following:

(1)           name of client's mental health center therapist and psychiatrist and case manager, if applicable;

(2)           county of residence;

(3)           name, address and telephone number of the individuals in the client's family and social support network who may provide information for use in plan development;

(4)           previous admissions to any state facility, i.e., psychiatric, substance abuse, developmental disabilities;

(5)           current psychiatric and other medications, including compliance with medications and aftercare instructions;

(6)           alternatives attempted or considered prior to referral to the hospital;

(7)           goal of hospitalization specifying the treatment objectives that the hospital should address;

(8)           specific suggestions for programming and other treatment planning recommendations; and

(9)           release plans, which include information relevant to placement and other special considerations of the client upon discharge from the hospital.


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