(a)  In all instances where area program staff have evaluated, authorized, and referred the individual to a hospital with a recommendation for admission, the area program staff shall call the hospital admission office to inform it of the authorization and referral, and advise it as to the name and phone number of an area program contact person.

(b)  If the opinion of the examiner at the hospital is that the individual does not meet inpatient criteria, the examiner shall contact designated area program staff to discuss the individual's condition prior to releasing the individual.  Unreasonable delay shall not occur as a result of the foregoing and in no event shall the individual be detained by the hospital for more than 24 hours.

(c)  If the opinion of the examiner is that the individual does meet inpatient criteria, the hospital shall contact designated area program staff within 24 hours to notify them of the admission.

(d)  When the hospital staff does not accept a client for admission, the hospital staff, client, area program staff, and if applicable, family or legally responsible person, shall discuss where in the community the client shall be returned and shall discuss with the client options for receiving services.


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