10A NCAC 28F .0503        REVIEW PROCESS

Upon receipt of the application and prior to granting designation, the Division director shall evaluate the application according to the following criteria:

(1)           consistency of the research, currently conducted and proposed, with division goals and priorities;

(2)           adequacy of procedures by which medical records and statistics would be maintained separate from those kept for regularly admitted clients;

(3)           existence of an active Human Rights Committee with adequate operating rules which give the committee the authority to monitor the care of individuals admitted for research;

(4)           adequacy of the facility's capacity to house and maintain persons admitted under this designation in a safe manner; and

(5)           any other criteria deemed relevant by the Division director.


History Note:        Authority G. S. 122C‑112(b)(3); 122C‑210.2;

Eff. December 1, 1988.