(a)  Evaluation.  Any person voluntarily seeking admission shall receive an evaluation to include a physical examination by a staff physician of the ARC within 24 hours of the time of presentation for admission.  Only those persons who have been determined to be in need of treatment or evaluation available at the ARC and who will be able to benefit from the program and services offered at the ARC shall be admitted.  In making the decision, consideration shall be given to the effects of any previous treatment efforts in reducing or exacerbating the person's problems.

(b)  Evaluation in Writing.  The evaluation shall be in writing and shall state whether the person is in need of admission for treatment or further evaluation of alcoholism or drug dependency.

(c)  Nonacceptance.  If the examining physician at the ARC determines that the person is not in need of admission for treatment or further evaluation, or that another facility to which application for admission is made does not provide the requisite evaluation or indicated treatment services, the person shall not be accepted as a client, but other appropriate suggestions and referrals shall be made as indicated to meet the person's need.  If the person is not admitted to the ARC, personnel from the ARC shall notify the referral source and specify reasons for nonacceptance and inform the referral source as to the status of the person's receiving services from another provider.  If it is determined the client can be more appropriately served in the community, based on evaluation of the client's needs and consideration of resources available in the community, the client shall be referred to the community program.

(d)  Leaving Against Medical Advice.  A client, a client's parent if a minor, or a client's guardian, if a minor or incompetent, upon the client's leaving an ARC against the advice of the attending physician will be given the opportunity, though not required, to sign a form relieving the ARC and the staff of the ARC from liability for any consequences of the client's departure from the ARC.  Such forms shall be available at every state ARC.

(e)  Contracts.  There shall be written agreements between area authorities and alcoholic rehabilitation centers specifying policies and procedures in admitting, providing services to, referring and discharging persons.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 122C‑112; 122C‑181; 122C‑211; 122C‑212; 143B‑147;

Eff. April 1, 1981.