10A NCAC 28G .0108       TIME OUT

(a)  Time out procedures which employ the use of a time out room shall be implemented only upon the approval of the group supervisor.  The use of such time out room procedures shall meet the minimum conditions expressed in this Rule.

(b)  The time out room shall be as follows:

(1)           a permanent structural entity;

(2)           constructed with an observation window or video tape equipment for monitoring;

(3)           at least 80 square feet in floor space;

(4)           adequately ventilated;

(5)           adequately lighted either naturally or with artificial light;

(6)           constructed so as to have a slip resistant, resilient floor; and

(7)           located in a manner that will facilitate easy and speedy access.

(c)  A record shall be maintained which indicates the specific behavior for which the time out room procedure was used and shall include the child's name, the date, and time of entry into the time out room and the time of exit.  The name of the staff person who placed the child in time out shall also be entered on the data sheet.

(d)  The program director shall review the time out room data sheets or a summarization of the data sheets at least every month.

(e)  General use of the time out room for a child shall be prohibited. The group supervisor shall approve time out room usage for specific behaviors and not for children without specifying the behaviors.

(f)  The use of a time out room requires adherence to the principle that the longer the child is in time out the lesser the effect on behavior.  Time out room periods in excess of 15 minutes per child at any one time or an aggregate time out in excess of three hours in any 24 hour period shall be documented by very thorough justification.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 122C‑62; 143B‑147;

Eff. March 24, 1981.