(a)  Within a (M‑1) manufacturing district uses shall be limited to those industries which in the judgment of the committee shall not be significantly injurious or offensive to Butner or to the occupants of adjacent premises.

(b)  The committee shall consider each applicant in regard to the following factors:

(1)           the emission of noxious, toxic or corrosive fumes or gases;

(2)           the emission of odors, heat or glare;

(3)           the exhaust of dust or waste into the air;

(4)           sewage and water characteristics;

(5)           the fire or explosive hazards; and

(6)           any unsightly, dangerous or unattractive nuisances.

The committee's findings on each factor shall become a part of the public record.  In no instance shall the committee grant a permit for any manufacturing use on a lot area of less than four acres nor a width of less than 300 feet.

(c)  The committee may permit those establishments permitted in the secondary business district to be located in the M‑1 manufacturing district if in their opinion such uses are compatible to those permitted in the particular district and such establishments shall be regulated by the requirements of the B‑3, secondary business district.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 122‑95; 143B‑10;

Eff. March 21, 1980.