(a)  Minimum Size of Mobile Homes.  No mobile home shall be placed in said park which is less than 8 feet by 30 feet size or does not contain a built‑in bathroom with water closet, lavatory and shower or tub which are in working condition.

(b)  Water, Sewerage, and Electricity.  Each mobile home plot shall be provided with and each mobile home connected to the sanitary sewerage and water supply systems of Butner.  A minimum of two electrical outlets, one 220 volts, shall be provided for each mobile home space in an approved manner.

(c)  Lighting.  All interior drives and walkways within the park shall be lighted at night with electric lamps of not less than 50 watts each, spaced at intervals of no more than 100 feet, or equivalent lighting as approved by the committee.  Such lighting shall be the responsibility of the park owner.

(d)  Refuse Collection Facilities.  One metal garbage can with tight fitting cover and capacity of at least 20 gallons shall be provided by the owner for each mobile home.  Garbage cans shall be located no farther than 100 feet from any mobile home plot.  The cans shall be kept in sanitary conditions at all times by the owner of the park.  Garbage collection shall be the responsibility of the owner.

(e)  Storage Sheds and Additions.  Any storage sheds or building addition shall be built in conformance with uniform construction plans provided by the owner.

(f)  Service, Administrative and Other Buildings

(1)           Within a mobile home park, one mobile home may be used as an administrative office.  Other administrative and service buildings housing sanitation and laundry facilities, or any other such facilities shall be permanent structures complying with all applicable ordinances and statutes regarding buildings, electrical installations, and plumbing and sanitary systems.  The owner should provide adequate additional space for the storage of travel trailers, boats, etc.

(2)           No building shall be located closer than 20 feet to any mobile home.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 122‑95; 143B‑10;

Eff. March 21, 1980.