The following signs shall be permitted within any required open space and no permit shall be required for these signs when they comply with the provisions of this Rule:

(1)           directional or traffic signs of any governmental agency;

(2)           signs not exceeding six square feet and not obstructing traffic visibility providing directions or information for public institutions, civic organizations and churches;

(3)           signs not exceeding six square feet advertising the sale or rental of the premises;

(4)           signs not exceeding six square feet indicating the name, profession or activity of an occupancy in a residential district and with no part extending more than three feet above ground level;

(5)           signs not exceeding 15 square feet, indicating the name and address of multi‑family residences, mobile home parks, schools, recreation areas or churches; and

(6)           temporary signs, banners, placards, decorations, and the like constructed of light materials for business promotions or civic, political or charitable enterprises or events and displayed in any business district for periods not exceeding 10 days continuously and totalling not more than 30 days in any one year, except for public holiday decorations.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 122‑95; 143B‑10;

Eff. March 21, 1980.