The following design standards and regulations shall control the erection of all business signs:

(1)           All establishments permitted within the business, institutional and manufacturing zoning districts shall be permitted to erect not more than three signs whose combined surface area shall not exceed three square feet of sign area for each lineal foot of principal building, with letters occupying no more than 50 percent of the total allowable sign area.  The total surface area permitted may be used in a lesser number of signs than the maximum permitted, but the maximum number shall not be exceeded, even though the total permissible surface area is not used.

(2)           Business signs connected to buildings shall be constructed flat against the building and their size and number shall be restricted to the permissible surface area.

(3)           One of the three signs permitted each business establishment may be a free‑standing sign within any required open space with a surface area not exceeding 40 square feet; this sign shall not exceed 30 feet in height and shall be used as part of the permissible surface area and number of signs attached to buildings.

(4)           One of the three signs permitted within any required open space for each business establishment may be a free‑standing sign not exceeding six square feet denoting special information necessary to the operation of the business, and the surface area of such sign shall be used as part of the total permissible surface area.

(5)           Business signs shall only identify the premises and the general nature of the business conducted.

(6)           No signs shall be constructed more than two feet above a roof top or parapet.

(7)           No flashing, blinking or "running" electric signs and no strings of electric light bulbs shall be permitted.

(8)           A business sign may be illuminated, provided that no flashing or intermittent illumination shall be used except where time and temperature clocks are on a five second cycle.  Such illumination shall be contined to the area of the sign to avoid glare or reflection into any portion of a street or onto residential property.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 122‑95; 143B‑10;

Eff. March 21, 1980.