(a)  For the purposes of this Section, a certified risk assessor is defined as an individual who meets the requirements of Rule .0802 of this Subchapter, except that the individual shall be required to complete an accredited refresher course for risk assessors every 36 months from the date of completion of initial training or last training instead of every 24 months as set forth in 10A NCAC 41C .0802(b).

(b)  A certified risk assessor who is certified under Paragraph (a) of this Rule shall be considered a certified risk assessor solely for the purposes of conducting inspections and determinations about the existence of lead-based paint hazards in public schools and licensed child care facilities under Rule .1004 of this Section.


History Note:        G.S. 130A-453.03; 130A-453.05; S.L. 2021-180, s. 9G.8;

Temporary Adoption Eff. April 29, 2022.