(a)  An agency must open and maintain a service record for each individual for whom an application for social services is made and for each recipient of protective services. Recipient service records must be documented and maintained in accordance with procedures set forth in this Subchapter.

(b)  Recipient service records shall be treated in accordance with policies governing confidentiality and access to client records as set forth in 10A NCAC 69.

(c)  The service record must be updated and documented as necessary to reflect changes in a recipient's circumstances and to keep all information in the record current.

(d)  All changes must be documented in the service record. These changes include addition of a service to a recipient's service plan, termination of service, redetermination of eligibility, changes in the recipient's circumstances that affect his/her need for or use of services, and any other action taken by the agency that affects the recipient's receipt of a service and termination of the recipient's service.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 143B‑153;

Eff. July 1, 1983;

Amended Eff. November 1, 2007;

Pursuant to G.S. 150B-21.3A, rule is necessary without substantive public interest Eff. May 20, 2017.