section .0300 - Application



(a)  Method of Applying for Scholarships.  Students shall apply directly for NC Reach through the agency which contracts with the Division of Social Services to provide case management services for the NC Reach recipients.

(b)  Determination of eligible students.  Eligibility for the NC Reach program shall be verified by employees of the custodial county Department of Social Services or the State Division of Social Services.

(c)  Scholarships within an Academic Year.  An Eligible Student may receive a scholarship for one or more semesters or quarters, provided that the eligible student's total financial aid from the Education Training Voucher and Pell Grant and the NC Reach scholarship does not exceed the total cost of attendance.

(d)  Denial of Scholarship Applications.  The Case Management contractor shall notify any student whose application is denied regarding the reasons for the denial.


History Note:        Authority S.L. 2007-323, s. 10.34;

Eff. June 1, 2008.