(a)  An individual may assist with the set up, safety, firing, and removal of pyrotechnics displays without a permit as long as the assistant does not handle pyrotechnics materials covered under the ATF licensing requirements, provided that the individual shows the county fire code official that he or she:

(1)           Has read and understands OSFM fireworks safety guidelines and correctly answered 80 percent of the questions contained in the operators assistant exam; and

(2)           Signs the OSFM fireworks safety application form and provides a fire code official with the signed application form.

(b) As used in this Rule, "fire code official" means an individual certified by the North Carolina Code Officials Qualification Board as the primary official responsible for the enforcement of the North Carolina Fire Code within a county or city.

(c)  Upon successful completion of the show, the assistant certification card issued by the code official may be sent in a sealed envelope to:

Office of the State Fire Marshal

Pyrotechnic Permitting

1202 Mail Service Center

Raleigh, NC  27699-1202

Receipt of the certification card with all information provided assures the applicant that OSFM shall give credit towards the completion of the three show requirement for Pyrotechnics and Proximate Operators.

(d)  The application and all additional documentation provided for certification shall be retained by the code official for a minimum of 72 hours following the completion of the permitted show.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 58-82A-1;

Eff. February 1, 2010.