As used in this Section, unless the context indicates otherwise:

(1)           "Agent Services Division" or "Division" means the Agent Services Division of the North Carolina Department of Insurance, the Division responsible for the licensing, education and regulation of professional bail bondsmen, surety bail bondsmen, and bail bond runners.

(2)           "Bail bond continuing education" means instruction in subjects related to the duties and responsibilities of a runner or a bail bondsman.

(3)           "Bail bond continuing education credit or "BCEC" means a value assigned to a course by the Commissioner after review and approval of course information.  This terms means the same as "hours of continuing education" as used in G.S. 58-71-71(b).

(4)           "Certificate Of Course Completion" means a document from the approved bail bond pre-licensing or continuing educational provider certifying that the applicant has met the requirements of pre-licensing or continuing education.

(5)           "Compliance year" means the annual license period running from July 1 to June 30 in which the licensee is required to complete three hours of BCEC pursuant to G.S. 58-71-71(b).

(6)           "Course" means a continuing education course directly related to bail bond principles and practices.

(7)           "Instructor" means an individual who meets the qualifications required by 11 NCAC 13 .0542; teaches, lectures, leads, or otherwise instructs a course; and is responsible for the preparation and presentation of lesson plans to that school's students.

(8)           "Instructional hour" means a 50 minute hour in the classroom.

(9)           "Licensee" means a licensed professional bail bondsman, surety bail bondsman or runner.

(10)         "Outline" means the content outline prepared and published by the Department that summarizes the specific bail bond subject areas on which the professional bail bondsman, surety bail bondsman or runner license examination is based.

(11)         "Professional Testing Service" or "Service" means the organization specializing in the development and administration of licensing examinations on a contract basis for the Department.

(12)         "Provider" means an entity that provides prelicensing or continuing education approved by the Department.

(13)         "State Licensing Examination" or "Examination" means a collection of questions designed to test the professional bail bondsman, surety bail bondsman, or runner license knowledge of the basic concepts, principles and laws relevant to the bail bond profession to determine his competence to be licensed in North Carolina.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 58-2-40; 58-71-5(a); 58-71-70; 58-71-71;

Eff. October 1, 2010;

Pursuant to G.S. 150B-21.3A, rule is necessary without substantive public interest Eff. June 25, 2016.