(a)  Badges:

(1)           All company police officers shall, when on duty, wear a badge bearing the name of the certified company police agency and the general title of Company Police Officer or the specific title of:

(A)          Railroad Police officer;

(B)          Campus Police Officer; or

(C)          Special Police Officer.

(2)           The badge shall be carried at all times by the company police officer.  The badge shall be worn in plain view, except in situations where the officer's weapon is concealed under the provisions set forth in Rule .0304 of this Section.

(3)           No identification card indicating the person is a company police officer shall be issued to or possessed by any company police officer except in the form of identification issued to the officer by the Attorney General.

(b)  Uniforms:

(1)           All company police officers shall, when on duty, wear the uniform of the company police agency unless directed to wear other attire by the Department Head.

(2)           Those company police agencies which employ both company police commissioned and non-commissioned security personnel shall provide the commissioned company police officers with a uniform of a different color that would distinguish the company police officer from other employees of the agency.

(3)           The uniform of the company police officer shall bear shoulder patches that contain:

(A)          the terms "Railroad Police Officer," "Campus Police Officer," "Special Police Officer," or "Company Police Officer"; and

(B)          the name of the company police agency.

(c)  Vehicles:

(1)           Each marked vehicle used by a company police agency subject to this Rule shall display the agency name and one of the following agency classifications:  "Railroad Police," "Campus Police," "Special Police," or "Company Police".

(2)           The agency classifications required by Subparagraph (a)(1) of this Rule shall be of uniform size with any other writing on the company police vehicle.

(3)           The Department Head shall ensure that employees who have not been commissioned as company police officers do not operate any marked vehicle used by the company police agency.

(4)           The Department Head shall ensure that employees who are not commissioned as a company police officer do not operate any company police vehicle with a blue light contained therein.

(5)           The Department Head shall ensure that any marked company police agency vehicle is not operated outside of those property jurisdiction limitations set forth in G.S. 74E-6, unless such operation is performed by an on-duty officer in the performance of his official duties and authorized by the Department Head.

(d)  Except as provided in Paragraph (e) of this Rule, all company police agencies shall comply with the provisions of this rule for badges, vehicles, uniforms, and other equipment no later than January 1, 2008.

(e)  The requirements contained in this Rule shall not apply to those agencies and commissioned officers who are regulated by the Tennessee Valley Authority, United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission, or the Railroad Police Certification Act of 1990.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 74E-4; 74E-7;

Eff. August 2, 1993;

Amended Eff. February 1, 2008.