14B NCAC 10 .0502          EQUIPMENT - BOXING

(a)  Boxing Gloves--All boxing contestants shall wear thumb attached boxing gloves. Boxing gloves weighing a minimum of eight ounces shall be worn by contestants weighing 147 pounds or less. Boxing gloves weighing a minimum of 10 ounces shall be worn by contestants weighing more than 147 pounds. Spare boxing gloves, in good condition, must be kept on hand by the promoter. All gloves must pass the inspection of the referee or the Division representative, and the Division may require a brand new set of gloves for any match.

(b)  Bandages and handwraps for boxing and kickboxing contestants shall meet the following requirements:

(1)           In all weight classes except light heavyweight, cruiserweight and heavyweight, all bandages and handwraps applied to each hand of a contestant shall be restricted to soft cloth, not more than 10 yards in length and two inches in width, held in place by not more than 4 feet of surgical tape.

(2)           In the light heavyweight, cruiserweight and heavyweight weight classes, all bandages and handwraps applied to each hand of a contestant shall be restricted to soft cloth, not more than 12 yards in length and two inches in width, held in place by not more than 8 feet of surgical tape.

(3)           The use of six inches of adhesive tape, not more than one inch in width, shall be permitted across the back of each hand before bandaging or wrapping the hands, provided however, that the tape shall not be applied across the knuckles.

(4)           All bandages and handwraps shall be applied and adjusted in the dressing room in the presence of the inspector. The inspector shall initial or in some other manner mark the bandage or handwrap on each hand so as to be able to determine at the conclusion of the match whether or not the bandage or handwrap was tampered with after the inspector initially examined the bandage or handwrap.

(c)  Each boxing contestant's apparel and appearance shall meet the following requirements:

(1)           Each contestant shall wear boxing trunks, the belt of which shall not extend above the waistline.

(2)           Each contestant shall wear a protective cup, which shall be firmly adjusted before entering the ring.

(3)           An individually fitted mouthpiece shall be in the contestant's mouth at all times during the fight period of each round as provided by the rules in this Chapter.

(4)           Each contestant shall wear shoes made of soft material and not fitted with spikes, cleats, hard soles or hard heels.

(5)           Each contestant shall wear an abdominal guard of standard type which provides sufficient protection to withstand any low blow.

(6)           Although not required, female contestants may wear a protective pelvic girdle to cover the pubic area, coccyx and sides of the hips.

(7)           Female contestants must wear a breast protector.

(8)           All contestants shall be clean and present a neat appearance. This also applies to the contestants' ring apparel. If the Division representative determines the hair on the contestant's head or face presents any potential hazard to the safety of the contestant, his opponent or will interfere with the supervision of the match he shall notify the contestant of such determination at the time of the weigh-in. If, at the time the inspector makes the final inspection of the contestant before the match begins, the contestant has not made the necessary corrections, he shall not be permitted to fight and shall be disqualified.

Any contestant who fails to comply with the requirements in this Paragraph shall not be allowed to participate in a match and such failure to comply with the requirements in this Paragraph shall be grounds for suspension of the contestant's license.

(d)  A boxing ring shall meet the following requirements:

(1)           The ring shall be not less than 16 feet square nor more than 24 feet square within the ropes. The ring floor shall extend at least 18 inches beyond the ropes. The ring floor shall be padded to a thickness of at least 1 inch, and shall be padded with insulate or another similar closed-cell foam. Padding shall extend beyond the ring ropes and over the edge of the platform, with a top covering of canvas, duck or similar material tightly stretched and laced to the ring platform. Material that tends to gather in lumps or ridges shall not be used.

(2)           The ring platform shall not be more than five feet above the floor of the building, and shall be provided with steps for use by contestants and ring officials.

(3)           Ring posts shall be of a metal not less than three inches in diameter, extending from the floor of the building to a height of 58 inches above the ring floor. Ring posts shall be at least 18 inches away from the ropes.

(4)           There shall be four ring ropes, not less than one inch in diameter and wrapped in soft material. The ring ropes shall extend in parallel lines 18, 30, 42, and 54 inches in height above the ring floor.

(5)           The floor plan and apron seating arrangements shall be approved by the Division representative. A crowd control barrier must be installed at least eight feet away from the ring, cage or fenced area and before the first spectator's seats. This barrier shall be capable of restraining spectators from entry to the ringside area. An isle shall be left clear from the contestant's dressing room to the ring. Clear access to the ring shall also be available for emergency medical personnel. Only match officials may sit at ringside. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted at ringside.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 143-652.1;

Temporary Adoption Eff. January 1, 1996;

Recodified from 18 NCAC 09 .0104(k)-(n) Eff. April 1, 1996;

Eff. April 1, 1996;

Transferred and recodified from 18 NCAC 09 Eff. November 8, 2002;

Amended Eff. November 1, 2004;

Amended Eff. March 1, 2008 (recodified from 14A NCAC 12 .0106);

Transferred from 14A NCAC 12 .0502 Eff. June 1, 2013;

Pursuant to G.S. 150B-21.3A, rule is necessary without substantive public interest Eff. January 9, 2018.