(a)  Sent by Inmates.  Packages and envelopes larger than 4-1/4 X 9-1/2" addressed to persons other than one of those listed in Rule .0102(a), (b), or (c) of this Section, may not be sealed for mailing by an inmate until inspected by a correctional officer and found free of contraband or material which constitutes a threat to the order and security of the facility or which cannot be lawfully sent through the mail.  This inspection shall be done in the presence of the inmate. If cleared for mailing, the item shall be sealed and placed in the mail by the sender in the presence of the inspector.

(b)  Sent to Inmates.  Additional items sent to inmates shall be subject to inspection and handling by a correctional officer.  The inspection shall be done in a secure location in the facility and shall not be done in the presence of the inmate.  If the officer determines that the package or envelope contains contraband or other material that threatens the order and security of the facility, this material shall be confiscated.

(c)  Additional Items Sent to Inmates.  In addition to letters, the following items may be received by an inmate through the mail, and are always subject to inspection and handling as provided in these Regulations:

(1)           clothing approved for use while incarcerated;

(2)           clothing to be used upon release (if received within 15 days of a scheduled release date);

(3)           musical instruments (when approval is secured in advance from the superintendent/warden);

(4)           unframed photographs, not to exceed 8" x 10";

(5)           legal papers;

(6)           publications which may be received under 05 NCAC 02D .0100;

(7)           religious items;

(8)           money shall be sent by postal or bank money order or cashiers or certified checks. Cash that is concealed or hidden within other mailed items in an attempt to avoid detection shall prompt an investigation and appropriate disciplinary action.  Procedures for the proper handling of money are internal matters and are contained in Department of Correction Administrative Policy and Procedures Manual .1002 (b) (1).

(d)  Inmate Request for Other Items.  Any inmate may request in writing permission from the Command Manager to receive through the mail a specific item that is not otherwise authorized.  This request shall be forwarded through the chain of command to permit the views of area staff to be expressed.  Seasonal items may be authorized by the Director of Prisons in addition to the list of items an inmate may receive through the mail.

(e)  COD Packages Sent to Inmates.  No COD packages shall be accepted for any inmate and no inmate shall be authorized to send mail COD. Unauthorized items arriving by mail shall be returned to the sender at the expense of the inmate addressed.  If the inmate is without funds, the package shall be returned at the state's expense or the inmate may donate it to a charitable organization or request it to be destroyed.  A copy of the mail regulations shall be enclosed in the package to be returned.  Packages that postal authorities will not accept for return to the sender shall be delivered to some charitable organization, or to a law enforcement agency and a receipt shall be obtained for the same.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 148-11;

Eff. November 1, 1991;

Amended Eff. October 1, 1992;

Transferred from 05 NCAC 02D .0309 Eff. June 1, 2013.