14B NCAC 15B .0113       alcohol seller/server training

(a)  All applicants applying for retail ABC permits shall submit as part of the application proof of responsible alcohol seller/server training prior to obtaining an ABC permit.

(b)  The Commission shall accept documentation provided by an approved course provider or approved corporate, partnership, or limited liability company business permittee, such as a certificate of training or transcript. In the event the approved course provider did not issue a document reflecting completion of training, the applicant may have the course provider sign a form provided by the ABC Commission attesting to completion of this training.

(c)  Minimum course content requirements for an approved responsible alcohol seller/server training course shall include North Carolina-specific laws including:

(1)           age requirements for possessing, purchasing, and consuming alcoholic beverages;

(2)           age requirements for selling and serving alcoholic beverages;

(3)           acceptable forms of identification;

(4)           methods to detect fake, altered, and imposter forms of identification;

(5)           State Dram Shop laws;

(6)           sales to intoxicated persons, including:

(A)          penalties;

(B)          prevention;

(C)          typical signs of intoxication; and

(D)          methods of detecting intoxication in customers;

(7)           sales to underage persons, including:

(A)          penalties;

(B)          prevention; and

(C)          methods of identifying potentially underage customers;

(8)           hours of sale and consumption, including clearing of tables;

(9)           prohibited conduct on the ABC licensed premises, including:

(A)          drug use; and

(B)          gambling; and

(10)         amounts of alcohol that may be purchased by customers in accordance with G.S. 18B-303.

(d)  Responsible alcohol seller/server training courses and providers shall be approved by the Commission before a certificate of training or transcript will be accepted by the Commission for purposes of this Rule. A person seeking to become an approved vendor for alcohol education in North Carolina and a business permittee that provides training for its own employees shall submit the course provider's name, mailing, physical and email addresses, telephone numbers and the contract person's name and contact information, together with a copy of its responsible alcohol seller/server training program course content, to the Commission for approval. The Commission shall approve courses and providers that meet the minimum course content requirements set forth in Paragraph (c) of this Rule. Course approval shall be valid for three years. A course provider's course content shall be submitted to the Commission for approval at least once every three years in order to maintain approved status.

(e)  An approved course provider shall update their responsible alcohol seller/server training course content within 30 days of notice from the Commission to the course provider of changes needed in the alcohol education training curriculum to reflect changes in current ABC laws or rules.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 18B-100; 18B-122; 18B-207;

Eff. July 1, 2018.