14B NCAC 15C .1303      tastings held for consumers

(a)  Tasting Area Designation. Tastings permitted pursuant to a spirituous liquor special event permit shall only be conducted within a designated tasting area, delineated by vertical markings no less than 24 inches in height that the consumer would recognize as indicating the boundaries that physically separate the tasting area from the remainder of the special event. Consumers shall not be permitted to take tasting samples outside the designated tasting area. The permittee shall ensure that designated tasting area signs are displayed at the permittee's tastings serving tables and at the entrances and exits to the designated tasting area, with lettering of at least two inches in height, informing consumers that they must be 21 years of age to participate in the tastings and that no tasting samples are allowed to be taken out of the designated tasting area. A designated tasting area may include one or more permittees. A special event may have multiple designated tasting areas.

(b)  Each permittee conducting a tasting may give each consumer tasting samples up to the limits set forth in G.S. 18B-1114.7(b)(3).

(c)  Training. Any employee of a permittee who will be conducting or supervising any tasting conducted pursuant to a spirituous liquor special event permit shall be given training, including:

(1)           identification of potential underage consumers;

(2)           recognition of fictitious identification;

(3)           identification of consumers who are visibly intoxicated;

(4)           service of correct sample sizes; and

(5)           methods to ensure compliance with G.S. 18B-1114.7 in accordance with Rule .1304 of this Section.

(d)  Consumption prohibited. The permittee, the permittee's agent, or employee shall not be in the designated tasting area after consuming alcoholic beverages except under the following conditions:

(1)           the permittee, agent, or employee is off duty for the remainder of that day or night during which the individual consumes any alcoholic beverage;

(2)           the permittee, agent, or employee is out of uniform when uniforms are required to be worn while performing any on duty services; and

(3)           the permittee, agent, or employee shall not perform any on duty services of any nature while or after consuming alcoholic beverages.

(e)  Limitations. Spirituous liquors provided as tastings pursuant to a spirituous liquor special event permit shall not be mixed with any other alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage. No non-alcoholic beverages, other than water, shall be made available to the consumer in the designated tasting area.

(f)  Source of spirituous liquor. All spirituous liquor used for tasting samples given in accordance with this Rule shall be purchased by the permittee from an ABC store.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 18B-100; 18B-207; 18B-1114.7;

Eff. April 1, 2019.