14B NCAC 16 .0115          COMPLAINTS

(a)  Any person may file a complaint against any licensee, trainee, registrant or certificate holder, or any unlicensed or unregistered person; acting as or holding himself or herself out as a licensee or registrant, for any violation of G.S. 74C or 14B NCAC 16, or any violation of State or federal criminal law. A complaint form is available on the Board's website at www.ncdps.gov/dps-services/complaint/private-protective-services-board or a copy may be requested from the Board's office.

(b)  The complaint shall set forth all relevant facts and the basis for the complainant's belief that the licensee, trainee, registrant, certificate holder, or unlicensed or unregistered person, is in violation. The complainant shall be willing to be interviewed by the Board's investigator, provide any information or documentation to support the allegation, and appear and testify necessary before the Grievance Committee or at any hearing if requested by the attorney prosecuting the case. An anonymous complaint shall be accepted unless the Director determines that it is meritless on its face.

(c)  The complaint shall be filed with the Board online via e-mail, by U.S. Mail, or by hand-delivery to the Board's office.

(d)  The complaint shall be evaluated by the Director or the Director's designee and if it alleges a violation of G.S. 74C or 14B NCAC 16, shall be assigned to an investigator for further substantiation. The results of the investigation shall be reported to the Board's Grievance Committee for review and action.

(e)  The Director shall notify the complainant and the licensee, trainee, registrant, or certificate holder of the initial complaint and its final disposition.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 74C-5; 74C-6; 74C-7; 74C-12;

Eff. March 1, 2022.