(a)  The pumping capacity of the pump shall be consistent with the intended use and yield characteristics of the well.

(b)  The pump and related equipment for the well shall be located to permit easy access and removal for repair and maintenance.

(c)  The base plate of a pump placed directly over the well shall be designed to form a watertight seal with the well casing or pump foundation.

(d)  In installations where the pump is not located directly over the well, the annular space between the casing and pump intake or discharge piping shall be closed with a watertight seal. .

(e)  The well head shall be equipped with a screened vent to allow for the pressure changes within the well except if a suction lift pump or single-pipe jet pump is used or artesian, flowing well conditions are encountered.

(f)  The person installing the pump in any water supply well shall install a threadless sampling tap at the wellhead for obtaining water samples except:

(1)           In the case of suction pump or offset jet pump installations the  threadless sampling tap shall be installed on the return (pressure) side of the pump piping, and

(2)           In the case of pitless adapter installations, the threadless sampling tap shall be located immediatelyupstream of the water storage tank.

(3)           If the wellhead is also equipped with a threaded hose bibb in addition to the threadless sampling tap, the hose bibb shall be fitted with a backflow preventer or vacuum breaker. 

The threadless sampling tap shall be turned downward, located a minimum of 12 inches above land surface, floor, or well pad, and positioned such that a water sample can be obtained without interference from any part of the wellhead.

(g)  A priming tee shall be installed at the well head in conjunction with offset jet pump installations.

(h)  Joints of any suction line installed underground between the well and pump shall be tight under system pressure.

(i)  The drop piping and electrical wiring used in connection with the pump shall meet all applicable underwriters specifications.

(j)  Only potable water shall be used for priming the pump.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 87‑87; 87‑88;

Eff. February 1, 1976;

Amended Eff. September 1, 2009, December 1, 1992; April 20, 1978.