(a)  Aquifer Test Wells are used to inject uncontaminated fluid into an aquifer to determine the aquifer characteristics.

(b)  Injection wells of this type are permitted by rule when constructed and operated in accordance with this Rule.

(c)  Only potable water may be injected through this type of injection well. 

(d)  Tests for mechanical integrity shall be conducted in accordance with Rule .0207 of this Section.

(e)  Injection wells of this type shall be constructed in accordance with the well construction standards applicable to monitoring wells specified in Rule .0108 of this Subchapter;

(f)  The operation of the aquifer test well shall not cause contaminated groundwater to migrate into an area not contaminated prior to initiation of injection activities or cause a violation of applicable groundwater quality standards as specified in Subchapter 02L. 

(g)  Within 30 days of a change of status of the well, the owner/operator shall provide the following information:

(1)           facility name, address, and location indicated by either:

(A)          latitude and longitude with reference datum, position accuracy, and method of collection; or

(B)          a facility site map with property boundaries;

(2)           name, telephone number, and mailing address of legal contact;

(3)           ownership of facility as a private individual or organization, or a federal, state, county, or other public entity;

(4)           number of injection wells and their construction details; and

(5)           well status as proposed, active, inactive, temporarily abandoned, or permanently abandoned.

(h)  A record of the construction, abandonment, or repairs of the injection well shall be submitted to the Director within 30 days of completion of the specified activities.


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Eff. May 1, 2012.