An application for a permit to construct, repair, or abandon a private drinking water well shall be submitted to the local health department for the county where the well is to be located by a property owner or the property owner's agent. The application shall include:

(1)           Name, address and phone number of the proposed well property owner or owner's agent;

(2)           Signature of owner or agent;

(3)           Address and parcel identification number of the property where the proposed well is to be located;

(4)           A plat or site plan as defined in the rules of this Section;

(5)           Intended use(s) of the property;

(6)           Other information deemed necessary by the Department to determine the location of the property and any site characteristics such as existing or permitted sewage disposal systems, easements or rights of way, existing wells or springs, surface water or designated wetlands, chemical or petroleum storage tanks, landfills, waste storage, known underground contamination and any other characteristics or activities on the property or adjacent properties that could impact groundwater quality or suitability of the site for well construction;

(7)           Any current or pending restrictions regarding groundwater use as specified in G.S. 87-88(a); and

(8)           Any variances regarding well construction or location issued under 15A NCAC 02C .0118.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 87-87; 87-97;

Eff. July 1, 2008.