(a)  The well contractor shall contact the local health department to schedule a grout inspection before grouting a private drinking water well.  Contact shall include the location, permit number and anticipated time for grouting each private drinking water well and the appointment shall be scheduled by the end of the business day before the grouting is to occur except where the local health department has made provisions for scheduling inspections at night or on the same day of the inspection.

(b)  Upon completion of a grout inspection, the Department shall provide a written certification on the well permit that a grout inspection was completed and that the grouting is in compliance with the rules of 15A NCAC 02C .0100.  When a local health department is unable to conduct a grout inspection within one hour of the scheduled time, the well contractor may grout a well without a grout inspection by the Department.  The well contractor shall provide a written certification to the local health department that the well has been grouted in compliance with the rules of 15A NCAC 02C .0100.  A completed Well Construction Record form GW-1 indicating the well was grouted in compliance with the rules of this Section shall serve as the well contractor's grout certification.  For purposes of issuing a certificate of completion, the well contractor's grout certification shall be accepted by the Department as evidence the grout complies with the rules of this Section if the local health department:

(1)           was contacted by the well contractor to schedule a grout inspection;

(2)           was unable to inspect the grouting of the well within one hour following the scheduled time; and

(3)           upon final inspection, finds no evidence to indicate the well grout does not comply with the rules of this Section.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 87-87; 87-97;

Eff. July 1, 2008.