(a)  After receiving a permit to construct a private drinking water well, the property owner or his agent shall notify the health department prior to well construction if any of the following occur:

(1)           The separation criteria specified in 15A NCAC 02C .0107 cannot be met;

(2)           The residence or other structure is located other than indicated on the permit;

(3)           The use of the structure is changed from the use specified on the permit;

(4)           The septic system needs to be changed from the location indicated on the permit;

(5)           Landscaping changes have been made that may affect the integrity of the well;

(6)           There are current or pending restrictions regarding groundwater use as specified in G.S. 87-88(a);

(7)           The water source for any well intended for domestic use is adjacent to any water-bearing zone suspected or known to be contaminated; or

(8)           Any other changes occur in the information provided in the application for the well permit.

(b)  The well contractor shall maintain a copy of the well construction permit or repair permit on the job site at all times during the construction, repair or abandonment of the well. The well contractor shall meet all the conditions of the permit.

(c)  Upon completion of construction of a private drinking water well, the Department shall complete an "as built" drawing of the well location.  The well contractor shall submit a copy of Residential Well Construction Record to the local health department.  Upon completion of construction or repair of a private drinking water well for which a permit is required, the Department shall inspect the well and issue a Certificate of Completion.  Prior to the issuance of a Certificate of Completion, the Department shall: verify that the well was constructed in the designated area and according to the well construction permit and the rules of this Subchapter.  The Department shall inspect the grout around the casing, inspect the well head after the well seal is in place and obtain a well construction record from the Certified Well Contractor.  No person shall place a private drinking water well into service without first having obtained a Certificate of Completion.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 87-87; 87-97;

Eff. July 1, 2008.