15A NCAC 02D .1008      Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Requirements

(a)  Definitions. For the purposes of this Rule, the following definitions apply:

(1)           "Heavy duty diesel engine," means any diesel engine used in a vehicle with a gross vehicle weight rating of 14,001 pounds and greater.

(2)           "Model year" means model year as defined in 40 CFR Section 85.2302.

(b)  Requirement. No model year 2005 or 2006 heavy duty diesel engine may be sold, leased, or registered within North Carolina unless it has been certified by the California Air Resources Board as meeting the requirements of Title 13 of the California Code of Regulations, Section 1956.8.

(c)  Referenced Regulation. Title 13, Section 1956.8 of the California Code of Regulation is incorporated by reference, including subsequent amendments and editions. A copy of Title 13 of the California Code of Regulations, Section 1956.8, may be obtained free of charge via the internet from the Office of Administrative Law California Code of Regulations website at http://ccr.oal.ca.gov/, or a hard copy may be obtained at a cost of five dollars ($5.00) from the Public Information Office, California Air Resources Board, P.O. Box 2815, Sacramento, CA, 95812.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 143-215.3(a)(1); 143-215.107(a)(6)-(7);

Eff. December 31, 2001 by Exec. Order No. 15;

Amended Eff. July 18, 2002;

Readopted Eff. July 1, 2018.