15A NCAC 02E .0602       DEFINITIONS

The following definitions shall apply for the purposes of this Section,

(1)           "Water" means any waters of the State located on or below the land surface as well as water contained within a water treatment and distribution system.

(2)           "Person" means any individual, corporation, company, association, partnership, unit of local government or other legal entity.

(3)           "Water delivery system" means any open or closed conveyance system used to move water for potable or non-potable purposes from its point of origin to a point of use, including: municipal water systems; residential, commercial, industrial, and commercial plumbing systems; irrigation systems; water using equipment; and flexible hoses.

(4)           "Essential water use" means the use of water necessary for fire fighting, health and safety purposes; water needed to sustain human and animal life; and water necessary to satisfy federal, state  and local public health, safety or environmental protection requirements.

(5)           "Non-essential water use" means categories of water use, other than essential water use, that may be curtailed during droughts and water emergencies.

(6)           "State agencies" includes all agencies of the executive branch of the government of North Carolina, the General Assembly, the General Court of Justice, and the University of North Carolina.

(7)           "Unit of local government" means a county, city, consolidated city-county, sanitary district or other local political subdivision or authority or agency of local government.

(8)           "Department" means the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).

(9)           "Council" and "NCDMAC" mean the North Carolina Drought Management Advisory Council.

(10)         "Drought Advisory" means an advisory issued by the NCDMAC that delineates the geographic extent and severity of a water deficit significant enough to have social, environmental or economic effects. Drought Advisories shall be designated as Abnormally Dry, Moderate Drought, Severe Drought, Extreme Drought and Exceptional Drought to indicate the severity of conditions from least to most severe, respectively.

(11)         "Syringing" means the application of a small volume of water, usually 0.10 inch or less, near midday to correct plant water deficits, reduce plant tissue temperatures and reduce the heat stress on turfgrass plants.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 143-354(a)(8); S.L. 2002-167;

Eff. March 19, 2007.