(a)  The provisions of this Section apply to the following classes of water users:

(1)           Publicly owned and privately owned water supply systems;

(2)           State agencies;

(3)           Units of local government;

(4)           Business and industrial water users; and

(5)           Agricultural and horticultural water users.

(b)  This Section does not prevent owners and operators of a water delivery system or other persons from developing, implementing and requiring water use measures in response to droughts or emergency water shortages that are more restrictive than the specified response measures in Rules .0612 through .0614.

(c)  All established and new uses of reclaimed water, consistent with the provisions of 15A NCAC 02H .0200 and any successive rules and amendments that define and the use of reclaimed water, as administered by the Department's Division of Water Quality, shall be exempt from the requirements set forth in this Section.


History Note:        Authority S.L. 2002-167;

Eff. March 19, 2007.