15A NCAC 02G .0502       DEFINITIONS

As used throughout this Subchapter:

(1)           "Capital costs" means initial costs of the project;

(2)           "Commission" means Environmental Management Commission;

(3)           "Department" means the North Carolina Department of Natural Resources and Community Development;

(4)           "Division" means the Division of Water Resources;

(5)           "Effective date of allocation" means the date the Commission approves the allocation;

(6)           "Interest costs" means interest accrued on the unpaid balance;

(7)           "Local government" means any city, county, authority, sanitary district, metropolitan water district, or other local unit;

(8)           "Operating costs" means Jordan Lake's state and federal operating, maintenance, replacement, and administrative costs associated with water supply storage;

(9)           "State" means the state of North Carolina; and

(10)         "Water supply storage" means storage of water for municipal or industrial use.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 143‑354(a)(11);

Eff. March 1, 1988.