(a)  The following systems are deemed permitted pursuant to Rule .0113 of this Subchapter provided the system meets the criteria in Rule .0113 of this Subchapter and all criteria required for the specific system in this Rule:

(1)           A building sewer documented by the local building inspector to be in compliance with the North Carolina State Plumbing Code, which serves a single building with the sole purpose of conveying wastewater from that building into a gravity sewer that extends onto or is adjacent to the building's property. 

(2)           A gravity sewer serving a single building with less than 600 gallons per day of flow as calculated using rates in 15A NCAC 02T .0114 that crosses another property or parallels a right-of-way provided that:

(A)          an easement for crossing another property is obtained, a map is created and both are recorded at the Register of Deeds office in the county of residence for both property owners and runs with the land, or, in the case of a building sewer traveling along a right-of-way, documented permission from the dedicated right-of-way owner to use such right-of-way;

(B)          the building inspector certifies the sewer to the point of connection to the existing sewer is in accordance with state or local plumbing code; and

(C)          no other connections are made to the sewer without prior approval from the Division.

(3)           New pump stations or sewage ejectors and force mains if all of the following criteria are met:

(A)          the pump station serves a single building,

(B)          the force main does not traverse other property or parallel a street right-of-way,

(C)          the force main ties into a non-pressurized pipe/manhole/wetwell (i.e. is not part of an alternative sewer system),

(D)          the system is approved by the local building inspector as being in complete compliance with the North Carolina Plumbing Code to the point of connection to the existing sewer, and

(E)           no other connections are made to the sewer without prior approval from the Division.

(4)           The following sewer operations provided that the work conforms to all rules, setbacks and design standards; record drawings of the completed project are kept for the life of the project; and new sources of wastewater flow, immediate or future, are not planned to be connected to the sewer other than previously permitted but not yet tributary:

(A)          rehabilitation or replacement of sewers in kind (i.e., size) with the same horizontal and vertical alignment;

(B)          rehabilitation or replacement of public 6-inch sewers with 8-inch sewers provided that the rehabilitation or replacement is to correct deficiencies and bring the sewer up to current minimum standards; 

(C)          line relocations of the same pipe size and within the same right-of-way or easement;

(D)          parallel line installations of the same size and within the right-of-way or easement where the existing line will be abandoned;

(E)           point repairs; and

(F)           in place pump station repairs/upgrades and maintaining permitted capacity to within five percent of the original permitted capacity for pump replacement.

(b)  The Director may determine that a system should not be deemed permitted in accordance with this Rule and Rule .0113 of this Subchapter.  This determination shall be made in accordance with Rule .0113(e) of this Subchapter.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 143-215.1; 143-215.3(a);

Eff. September 1, 2006.